NAPABA 20×20 GC Pipeline Program

Are you “ready soon” to become a Fortune 1000 General Counsel? If yes, then we want you to join almost 100 other Pipeliners being groomed as a robust pipeline that fuels NAPABA’s 20×20 Initiative (20 APA GCs in the Fortune 500 by 2020; spoiler alert: we’re now at 27).

So what’s the criteria for becoming a Pipeliner? You must be an APA in-house counsel who meets one or more of the following criteria:

  1. A direct report to the General Counsel of a Fortune 1000 company;
  2. A Divisional General Counsel of a Fortune 1000 company;
  3. An IHC who manages at least 5 direct or indirect (IHC) reports; or
  4. A General Counsel of a public company other than a Fortune 1000 company.

As a Pipeliner, you’ll be invited to participate in an industry-leading array of programs expressly designed by and for APA IHCs. Click here for more: Pipeline Program and F500 APA GC Facebook (2018).

If you’d like to apply (or know someone who should), please email Rachany Son at [email protected].

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