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Types of Membership

Attorneys: Any attorney admitted in the State of Texas or any any attorney admitted in any other state or foreign country jurisdiction who works and/or resides in the DFW metroplex.

Annual Fee: $55 per year

Law Students: Any individual enrolled in any law school in the DFW metroplex or any graduate of a local area law school who is pending admission to the Texas State bar and works or resides in the DFW metroplex.

Annual Fee: Free

Dues apply toward membership for the calendar year and are not prorated. Dues paid after October 1 will be applied to the following calendar year.

Associate Membership: If you are (i) a paralegal or non-attorney legal professional in the DFW metroplex, or (ii) an attorney that is not licensed in Texas who does not work and/or reside in the DFW metroplex, and you would like to be a part of DAABA, you may be eligible for a special rate.  Please contact us.

Hardship Waiver: Upon request, dues may be waived for licensed attorneys who have not had full-time employment for at least 3 consecutive months as of the date of application, and are actively seeking legal employment. Dues are waived only for the remainder of the calendar year.  Please contact us.

Three ways to join or renew

1.  Via Dallas Bar Association.  Join or renew with DAABA by concurrently joining or renewing your membership with the Dallas Bar Association here. When you sign up or renew for the DBA, choose “Regular Member + Dallas Asian American Bar Association” to receive a discount on DBA dues.

2. Via Mail.  Join or renew with DAABA by mailing this form and submitting dues payment via check to:

Hao Ni
DAABA Treasurer
Ni, Wang & Massand, PLLC
8140 Walnut Hill Ln, Suite 500
Dallas, TX 75231

Upon completion, you will receive an email from DAABA confirming membership or renewal.

3. Via Online Form and PayPal.  Join or renew with DAABA by completing the form below and submitting dues payment via Paypal to [email protected].


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