Joint Bar Association Voter Training – 1/21/20 @ Noon @ Belo

12:00 pm

Joint Bar Association Vote Training – January 21st at Belo Mansion at 12 PM

Under the leadership of Robert Tobey, the DBA is engaging in a non-partisan initiative to register high school students to vote, educate them in the process and assist in voter protection.  In conjunction with March to the Polls and the League of Women Voters, the DBA is holding an informational lunch on January 21, 2020 at 12 PM at the Belo Mansion for those who are interested in learning more about March to the Polls and the League of Women Voters AND how they can volunteer in this important effort.  Additionally, the luncheon will include the opportunity to become a deputized voter registrar.

For those that are interested in attending the training on January 21st, please RSVP using the following link:

League of Women Voters (LWV) Need

The LWV needs a pair of leaders at each of the following Dallas County Community College District campuses to speak to students about the importance of voting and get them registered:

  • Mountain View
  • Eastfield
  • Richland
  • Cedar Valley

Time Commitment: Start in January for a hard push through the primary then to the end of the spring semester.

March to the Polls (MTTP) Need

 MTTP needs 30+ speakers to go out to 60 high schools to speak in classrooms and get students registered and motivated to vote.

 There is also a need for another 30+ speakers to work with teacher sponsors in starting Student Voter Engagement Coalition (SVEC) chapters at each high school.

 Time Commitment: Mid-February through April. Would require a half day shift every time you volunteer. There is also a required 1.5-hour training that can be done in person or online.



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