NAPABA Solo & Small Firm Committee

Any solo & small firm members should sign up to have their info included in the NAPABA Membership Directory. Currently paid members of NAPABA affiliates can sign up and be registered for free*on the NAPABA Membership Directory.  It’s a great free benefit for all affiliate members and NAPABA direct members.


BENEFITS of NAPABA SSF Committee includes:

1) NAPABA Membership Directory – no additional cost when a paid affiliate member or a direct member.

2) NAPABA-SSF Network email blasts for referrals & job opportunities.

3) Free Webinars w/ CLE – (AND Potential to be guest panelist for future webinars).

4) Ohana style networking within SSF.

5) SSF Boot Camp (2 hours CLE at no additional cost).

6) Discounted NAPABA Convention registration rates.

7) NAPABA Convention scholarship opportunities for SSF members to defray the cost of attendance.


For more information, please contact Grace Yoo, NAPABA SSF Membership Committee Chair at [email protected].

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