Past Presidents’ Appreciation Happy Hour

Dec ’16
6:00 pm

Please join us on Wednesday, December 7th, 2016, from 6PM to 9PM, for a happy hour honoring DAABA’s Past Presidents.  The event will be held at The Ebherhard located 2017 North Henderson Avenue, Dallas, Texas 75216.

Our esteemed list of Past Presidents is below.  These individuals have provided outstanding dedication and leadership to the Asian American legal community, and have helped lay the foundation for DAABA to flourish into a 340+ member organization.   With these individuals’ guidance and support, DAABA’s network of attorneys continues to grow and its programming continues to evolve to meet the organization’s changing needs.   Please join us as we say thank you to our past

Don W. Joe (1988-1990)

Tim Hui (1990-1992)

Michele Wong Krause (1992-1994)

Harry Joe (1994-1996)

Suzy Fulton (1996-1999)

Emeline Yang (2000)

Brenda Rhoades (2001)

Rob Balachandran (2002)

Wei Wei Jeang (2003)

Wilson Chu (2004)

Al Faustino (2005)

Tom Yang (2005)

Zahara Alarakhia (2006)

Caren Lock (2007)

Wesley Young (2008)

Patsy Yung Micale (2009)

Hope Shimabuku (2010)

Eunice Kim Nakamura (2011)

Victor Corpuz (2012)

Jennifer C. Wang (2013)

Sakina Rasheed Foster (2014)

Bill Richmond (2015)


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