News Release: DAABA’s Response to President Trump’s Immigration Related Executive Order

The Dallas Asian American Bar Association (DAABA) is deeply concerned with the legality and impact of the recent immigration related executive order issued by President Trump. The executive order, based on the premise of protecting Americans, severely restricts entry from seven Muslim majority countries, bars Syrian refugees indefinitely, and suspends all refugee admissions for 120 days.  Over the weekend, in our community alone, at least nine individuals were detained at DFW airport.  The stories of these detained people vary and the legality of President Trump’s executive order as applied to them is the subject of vigorous debate. DAABA is committed to the rule of law and the fair and equitable treatment of all individuals regardless of race, national origin, creed or religion.  Actions that discriminatorily impact and target certain members of our community should be treated with suspicion and carefully scrutinized to ensure they comport with the law.  We applaud the efforts of the attorneys who have volunteered their time and expertise to protect the rights of those individuals who have been affected, and we stand ready to help those in need as the current situation progresses.


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