DAABA celebrates its 25th anniversary

DAABA celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2013

DAABA started in 1988 with 15 attorneys who may have been the only 15 Asian American attorneys practicing in the area 25 years ago.  The State Bar of Texas did not track member statistics back then as well as it does today, but a record from 1989 showed there were 75 Asian Pacific attorneys in all of Texas.  As of 2012, there were 2,452 Asian Pacific attorneys in Texas, with nearly 400 in Dallas County.  As DAABA celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2013, it is proud to serve more than 300 members who believe in its mission to advocate for the interests of Asian American attorneys and the growing Asian American population.

DAABA’s early meetings took place at restaurants and bars, where DAABA members got to know each other well.  The dedicated served multiple terms as officers and President.  The members supported one another, many of whom were blazing trails by seeking judicial seats, political office, in-house counsel and law firm partnership positions.  The camaraderie and fellowship that flowed from participation in DAABA quickly became and remains, today, a key benefit of membership in DAABA.

In celebration of DAABA’s 25 years of advocacy for the Asian American legal community, more than a dozen long-time DAABA members joined the newly-formed Legacy Committee in 2013.  These Legacy DAABA members are committed to continuing DAABA’s tradition of building lasting friendships and professional relationships between its members.  They are reaching out to newer members to encourage them to participate in DAABA’s committees and events.  DAABA’s more than one dozen committees offer members opportunities to help each other grow professionally, to help the community through public service, and to forge the same bonds that the early DAABA members cherished through social gatherings.

DAABA salutes all of the officers and members who have contributed to its success over the past 25 years.

Past DAABA presidents:

Don W. Joe (1988 – 1990)
Timothy K. Hui (1990 – 1992)
Michele Wong Krause (1992 – 1994)
Harry Joe (1994 – 1996)
Suzy Fulton (1996-1999)
Emeline Yang (2000)
Brenda Rhoades (2001)
Rob Balachandran (2002)
Wei Wei Jeang (2003)
Wilson Chu (2004)
Al Faustino (2005)
Tom Yang (2005)
Zahara Alarakhia (2006)
Caren Lock (2007)
Wesley Young (2008)
Patsy Yung Micale (2009)
Hope Shimabuku (2010)
Eunice Kim Nakamura (2011)
Victor Corpuz (2012)

Early members of DAABA included:

Hortensia Cacho-Brown
Don Chae
Ms. Yuju (Lu) Chang
Monica Rogers Chen
Susan Y. Chin
William Chu
Wilson Chu
Victor Corpuz
Timothy K. Hui
Wei Wei Jeang
Don W. Joe
Harry Joe
Karen Gren Johnson
Dawna Kim
Michele Wong Krause
Bernard Chi Lau
Mr. Khalid Malik
William F. Ritter IV
Joyce T. Roth
Amy Ting Seve
Linda Wong
Kathleen Wu
Victor Yang
Allison Yee

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