Nov ’16
12:00 pm

Nominations are now being accepted for the following 2017 positions: President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, Director Position 1, Director Position 2 and Director Position 5.

Nomination and election procedures are below.  Please plan to attend DAABA’s annual meeting on November 22nd to vote for nominees.

Stage 1:  Nominations

Timeframe: Now until the run-off elections take place on November 22.

How to Nominate: Nominations can be made by any DAABA member for any DAABA member by emailing the nominee’s name and position for nomination to Monika Sanford (monika.sanford@haynesboone.com) There is no limit on the number of persons you may nominate. Nominations will be updated nightly on the DAABA homepage (www.daaba.org).

Stage 2: General Meeting Selections

Timeframe: November 22 at Noon

Where: Belo Mansion

Process: All present DAABA members will, where necessary, vote for candidates to be submitted to Stage 3, General Elections. First, voted selections will take place for President-Elect, Treasurer, and Secretary (the “Officer Positions”). If there is, for any Officer Position, more than three nominations for that position, then the highest two vote-earners will be submitted to Stage 3. Next, voted selections will take place for each Director position. If there are six or more nominations for a Director position, then the highest six vote-earners will be submitted to Stage 3. Only those present at the meeting may vote, except that those with written proxy of another DAABA member may also vote that proxy.

Stage 3: General Elections

Timeframe: Nov. 22nd until 5:00 pm Central November 29th.

Process: Online voting by all DAABA members will take place to determine each Officer position (President-Elect, Treasurer, and Secretary) and the three Director positions. The highest vote-earner for each Officer Position will be declared the winner. The highest three vote-earners of the six Director nominees from Stage 2 will be declared the winners. Announcements will be made no later than noon on December 1st.

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